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Cochise Stronghold

Awarded Honorable Mention in the First Person category at the AEJMC Student Magazine Contest (2012).

Dana and Susan (photograph courtesy of Richard Wood).

Cochise Stronghold 

by Susan E. Swanberg

I climb into the truck and check the map again. Once I leave Tucson, I-10 to El Paso drifts past towns with names like Dragoon, Cochise and Bowie.

My daughter should be with me. This should be her pilgrimage.

I drive, the sights and smells of the Southwest bombard me through the gap in the driver’s side window–dry desert sand, sage, the smoky smell of mesquite. I’m headed to sacred places that don’t belong to me. (Read more of Cochise Stronghold)

Read about the Cañada Alamosa archeological project.

Susan E. Swanberg©2012, 2019. All rights reserved in text and photos.


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